the human programming language

using programming language you can get computers to do things for you, the better you know the computer the more you can do with the computer.

you may think everyone speaks english (or you're location's language)  but you'd be wrong, words mean slightly different things to people. 

sometimes wildly different things, luckily we have a host of ways to communicate things to people more then language, i am sure you could name quite a few

but still even these things are understood differently by each person.

whats the takeaway?

be aware that when your giving directions to people, asking someone do something, or teaching something. That the person your talking to may not comprehend what your saying. 

in programming, i type my code methodically checking if it compiles and does what i intended it to do
(programming is simply giving directions to a computer)

in time i will get used to coding in a specific manner and have to "check" with the the computer less and less if its fully understanding my language.

People sometimes interact with each other in what i call, the Voicemail.

The inherent issue with voicemail is that you are required to give a short statement of what it is you would like to communicate. Its one way communication. There is not even an acknowledgement sent back that what you said was understood.

People sometimes do this in speech, they seem to even like it. They begin to monologue and they don't check with the recipient is understanding what is being said or even cares for what is being said. They may get annoyed with interruptions or even ignore them. Now this could be a good or bad thing depending on what you want to communicate. Be aware that your recipient of your message may not understand you. And make sure they are understanding you.

Care about your listener, at least they are giving you the time of day. Their time, like yours is precious. 

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