Why Write? Why video?

So to be honest guys. This blog hasn't really committed to anything, its pretty much a stream of conscious of ideas that I feel people will benefit from. There are projects that I have in the works that I won't announce yet (Derek Sivers' principle) that would be more concentrated efforts.

The topic I'd like to write about today is writing and expression. Over the past year or so I have been learning a lot about the importance of expression. Here's what I have taken away.

Song Writing\Poetry: What I have found here is that "cheesy" emotions are far more comfortable here. For some reason within music and poetry which is what I see lyric writing here, people are judged the least for expression of ideas. Even music without lyrics is very powerful emotionally. I think this is the best medium of art of conveying emotion, especially emotions that are especially hard to articulate.

Best Examples: Live Music
My favorite:

That is my favorite song of all time, and I still don't feel comfortable telling people why. That is one of the many powers of music. (Also that AMV is fantastic)

Writing: Writing is a fantastic medium of expression, it is especially informative and can be quite expressive emotionally also. One of my favorite memories in school was when I got to tell the stories I wrote (they had to include that weeks vocabulary words) and that was my first introduction to comedic writing and presentation all at once. But that is an example of combining writing with speaking(which is a great art form see:, essay\book\ article writing on the other hand is a great exercise in informing people and conveying ideas.

Most importantly, I see writing as the best way to inform someone accurately about an idea. Writing can be skimmed and read over. Its also (thanks to typing) created in a highly controlled environment, where revisions are made easy.

Best example: Wikipedia, the internet
Without that article, I would have never realized why I prefer acting to things like creative writing or painting was because I love rhetoric(conveying information).

Video: Video is great for visual articulation of ideas, its a great way to engross someone through a new experience. Its one of my favorites as body language is such a great conveyance of emotions (and plus it, like music, is built in to humans). Its great way to express one's self but I think that for long stretches of information writing is preferable. However, like Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains tonation and body language are fantastic forms of expression.
I think the first 2 minutes of this is better then this entire section that I wrote, I think you should watch this rather then read what I wrote on the topic.

Best example: Youtube

Game design: Now this is an interesting topic. The games we love and how we play them says so much about human nature. Game design is experience design.

Egoraptor understands this much better than I do.

Blog Writing: See the above example ^_^

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