If you want more RL Experiences, You have to leave the Internet.

The story:
I used to spend pretty much all my free time on the internet, I used it less like a tool and more like a place I lived my life. Then I stopped.

My problem: I wanted adventures but the internet absorbed all my time

I would wake up, go on the internet(reddit), then in an instant I made hours disappear. I wanted to live a life where I actually had life experiences, I was trying to apply the Tall Grass Principle to meeting human beings and having things actually happen. 

The solution: I went outside.

I decided that reddit wasn't getting me anywhere, I stopped all use of reddit. And starting on New Years I went out to celebrate New Years and the adventures began (And none of which I will share on the internet). For the rest of break, I went outside whenever I could, I started running. It wasn't easy, but my New Years Resolution was to break my lack of:

Discipline and Delayed Gratification

Something if I ever did have. Reddit and the internet killed. So I tried to see why people do this funny thing they call "Socializing". Which was pretty hard for me to do at first and I still am not fantastic at it, but I force myself to try to talk to people as much as possible, sticking through the initial awkwardness, like trudging through mud, but it can be rewarding.


Well its been about a month so far and I don't miss reddit that much, I skim through once a day, and its a pretty good (and extreme) distillation of what's good on the internet. I have made many more friends and have many more stories to tell.

I still prefer doing active things with people (Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, Drawing, Acting, Singing, Running, Exercising, attending Cons, dancing, and most of all going on Adventures way more then I enjoy simply talking with people, but I see its use, finally, in forging alliances, friendships).

If you spend time IRL, you will have life experiences.

If you have any questions, like what to do with all the gained time spent away from the internet, I can do a post on that. Other than that I'll update in a month.

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