Using the Tall Grass\Pokemon Principle to Get Lucky

"Stripped to its essentials, every decision in life amounts to choosing which lottery ticket to buy"- Steven Pinker

Whatever it is your looking for in life? Its a good idea to increase your proximity to whatever it is you need.

This is a matter of playing the numbers game. This is how to increase your luck. You're not going to catch any pokemon (rare or otherwise) unless your in their habitat. (Apologies to those who miss the reference, Pokemon is about not going to school to engage in animal cruelty activities, i.e. hunting, forcing animals into really small spaces without food, and engaging in cock fights)

You want to be the greatest guitarist(see Synester Gates).
You need to increase the chance that you will actually play the guitar.

1. You should have a guitar.
2. Guitar should be accessible and visible.
3. You should hang out with guitarists or people who ship (or specifically practice) consistently
4. Reduce the number of distractions surrounding in your enviorment that don't encourage guitar playing
5. You should sleep with your guitar
6. Make sure your guitar has strings
7. Practice playing the guitar (if you feel like it)

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