Why/How you should let your Kids watch as much TV as they want

My nephew has an obsession with this bald headed figure. Caillou, a PBS children's show created by child psychologists, offers little to no educational value from my perspective.(Unlike this amazing children's show that taught me my left and right when I was eight or...10), Caillou is simply mindless entertainment. However, my nephew loves the show,  so I bought him Caillou in its original language (French).
Why did I do it? Well he is two years old and his brain is a sponge.

At this age he is listening carefully to sounds and imitating them. For example, he said his first Japanese word recently, “Soshite,”without me teaching him. Why did he say it? Well, we were watching Japanese Youtube videos and that one word stuck out to him. So he repeated it without me forcing him.

While watching Caillou in English may teach him more English words, he doesn’t need TV to learn his native language. He can learn English naturally through me talking to him. However, he is not exposed to French on a daily basis. By simply changing one of the thousands of stimuli that he is exposed to everyday, I hope to teach him French through entertainment. At least now when he falls into his "Caillou Trance”, he might learn French. Or, he will get bored with the show and stop watching it. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

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  1. Hey Jon, how are you? What are you up to? A good french cartoon series for toddlers is http://www.petitoursbrun.com/, I think there are episodes on Youtube as well.