Long needed update found a locks of love participating salon in NJ!

I find it a little odd that it there is no unofficial database of hair salons that participate in Locks of Love haircuts. I say unofficial because I can understand that it would take a lot of overhead to maintain such a thing for the charity. After googling I found:

Had to drive out 30-40 mins to Hackettstown but they cut my hair for free and my hairdresser was super cool(we had talked about Dark Knight Rises)

Quoting the website:

When you donate your 10-inch ponytail, you get a free haircut!

pony tail and scissorsYou can help financially disadvantaged children with various forms of hair loss by donating your long hair to Locks of Love, who will create a custom hairpiece. Your stylist at Kristina Michele Salon will handle all the details for you. Your clean, dry hair will be gathered into a ponytail and secured at the nape of your neck. The ponytail must measure at least 10 inches from tip to tip. The cut will be made above the hair elastic. The ponytail will be placed into a plastic bag, and shipped in an envelope with your hair donation form. Last, but not least, your stylist will then give you a fabulous new look with your shorter hair!

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