The War on Action, Passive-ism

The enemy here is not a person or any one thing. This is something society has just by accident let get out of control. 

Do you listen?

Do you watch?

Do you read?

Do you wait?

Are you Passive? When your down, do you wait until its over? Or do you get up? 

Before I begin, here is the WRONG thing to take from this post. "All forms of non-action are evil!"
This is what you should take "Life should be a healthy mix of action as well as non-action" 

When you are with someone, the common advice is to listen, listen, listen! Why the hell would you treat your friend like he was voicemail? Is that fair? No, you should talk to people. Let them speak damn it and listen actively, and then think about what they have to say, and respond accordingly. How boring would interviews be if all the interviewer simply told the the interviewee to talk? How would you possibly get to ask those burning questions? Or ask them to clear up topics that you don't understand? What if they are saying something thats a logical fallacy? Is it fair to let them go? I can go on and on about this but I think you get it.

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